Tilted (Twinned) Stages

Resonating Bodies, curated by Shannon Stratton
Soap Factory, Minnesota 

Where does the performance begin, across which threshold? In Tilted (Twinned) Stages, twinned stages are built between the columns of adjoining rooms at the Soap Factory. The widths of the stages are based on the span between the posts but they are unable to rest on the floor because the arc of the tilt surpasses the columns. Therefore, the stages remain at a diagonal lean and the performance is a slope that the body cannot maintain. The stage refuses the performer.

The stagehand’s hole is the only moment in which the audience becomes privately embedded in the image but not as performer. Instead, from a single point of view under the stage, the image of oneself is reflected in a mirror and the viewer becomes the stagehand.

The perversity of an image is perhaps in its refusal to perform. As the stages greet the audience, they interrupt the path of desire to accompanying works in adjacent spaces of the exhibition. Acting somewhere between impotent architecture and belligerent object, these platforms rebuff the expected image. But what else is a stage than its narrative?

Dimensions of stage in Gallery I: 4’ x 14’3” x 32’
Dimensions of stage in Gallery II: 4’ x 15’ x 32’

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