Mouthing (the sentient limb)

Hyde Park Art Center, Illinois

As an act “mouthing” is a gesture of silent proclamation. As a title, it represents the language that is unspoken. In this exhibition , the curator uses the mouth as a metaphor for the human body’s capability of processing information.

Mouthing (the Sentient Limb) looks at the ways in which our minds are connected to our bodies by presenting a group of artworks that returns our attention to bodily presence. Like vertigo or a phantom limb, the artworks in this exhibition point to a process of perception that is generated from, felt by, or frustrating to, the physical body. The exhibition features art practices, both physical and conceptual, in which the human figure is present either directly or indirectly. While the media may vary, the exhibition curator, Kelly Kaczynski, asserts that each of the artists offers an approach to the body that questions notions of sensuality, spirit, emotion, and cognition in our corporeal state.

Artists include: Cameron Crawford, David Gracie, Rachel Herman, Yun Jeong Hong, Julia Klein, Dani Leventhal, Todd Mattei, Christopher Meerdo, Chris Naka, Erin O’Brien, Steve Reinke, Melanie Schiff and Amy Sillman. The selection of sculpture, installation, paintings, drawings, photographs, and video in this exhibition explores a state of awareness or comprehension through the body’s ability to interpret sensation without touching.