Living Within the Play

Kelly Kaczynski with Shannon Stratton, Mark Jeffery, and Kelly Lloyd
Poor Farm Experiment, Wisconsin
2019 - ongoing

Within the contingent nature of hosting and gathering, there is always a fleeting thing or cumulative, foggy totality that has impact and reverberation outside of the moment.

Living Within the Play seeks to explore that notion within the context of the “artist residency” – a reliably liminal site - alongside forms that share those same qualities, such as the party, play, performance and forms of short-term exhibition or presentation.

As such, Living Within the Play uses the Poor Farm as a “stage” or “playing field” to collapse forms from daily life, the studio and the event to produce a living and working space that builds on the natural byproducts of this shared experience (responsiveness) towards a cumulative public occurrence (resonance).

In short, the group is gathered to “think through the form” as they live within and produce form.

Featured in The New York Times Style Magazine